Virtual Reality is an on line 3D technology that cadpac specialize in. "VRML" is excellent for real time architectural & interior fly through presentations for evaluation of designs and allows you to navigate in realistic 3D. If your a designer & want to use our service click here

First click here to install the plug-in for your I.E. browser. Once installed, click on a scene at right to open. Cortona tool bar will show at the bottom, chose flight, examine or walk options. Cortona 3D is intuitive from the beginning, use your mouse to navigate.. hold down right button & push the mouse to move forward, pull back to reverse, push left or right to turn. Right click and select preferences to adjust quality settings.

The space scenes at left are perfect to learn navigation before you try the architectural models. Depending on you connection speed, scenes may take a few minutes to load.


2001 A Space Odyssey Moon Walk Urban Planning French Brassier
Space Shuttle Docking Luna Landing Belgium Bar Palawan Villa .